Why MetaTrader 4 platform is chosen as one of the best trading platforms?

Any idea which is the best forex trading platform in the market today? If you have researched well, you will get to know about the finest terminal amongst the best trading platforms in the market. Today, when you will flip through the magazine pages or browse through the market, you will find that people are mostly inclined towards MetaTrader platforms. Study says that there is metatrader software in the market created by the MetaQuotes Corporation. There are several versions of Metatrader terminals available in the market. Among them MetaTrader4 or MT4 is supposedly the best amongst the lot. Research says that this platform is considered to be one of the most widely used and renowned forex trading platforms in the financial market.

Today, it is in fact the first and perhaps the ideal choice while choosing the best forex platforms. Both the traders and retail investors prefers this particular trading station as it helps in making the maximum profit in comparison to other terminals. There are lots of things that make it best amongst others. They are its versatility, user-friendly features, and easy accessibility and so on. The obvious reason behind choosing this online forex platform is mainly because of its huge success rates in the market.  To know more about MetaTrader 4, here are few important points as discussed:

  • It has easy-to-use and new technology interface without any complications. This particular feature helps each of the novice traders perform trading comfortably in the market.
  • This forex platform has no kind of language barriers. MetaTrader platform 4 helps the users all over the world to change the information directly to their own specific language.
  • It possesses both trading and charting capabilities completely packed in a user-friendly package. This is what that helps each active trader perform the technical evaluation and accordingly place trades.
  • One of the most essential features that this MetaTrading platform offers is none other than the trading automation via the Expert Advisors. This particular tool can either be developed by the investor himself or purchased and tested by popular vendors.
  • It has well equipped and avant-garde communication tools by which traders communicate with their clients.
  • MT4 is considered to be one of the most reliable trading platforms in the market and is nowhere a difficult application in order to run your PC.
  • Another best thing about the platform is it offers an easy access for the viewers to view their confidential information like account history, account balances, change of password, access details and so on.
  • This forex trader platform is probably one of the most secured and highly safe trading terminals. No matter what, you can expect to perform your trading activities in a most secured way.
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IKON Easter Promotion Rules

IKON Easter Promotion Rules are listed as below:

1. Each person can only register for one live account.

2. Only a maximum of 2 entries can be submitted into the promotion per person.

3. By registering for an account, you accept that all information must be true and accurate.

4. IKON Group reserves the right to withdraw any entrants if the participant breaches any of the rules above.



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Why Trade Spot Gold and How to Make Money in It

Spot gold is quite popular among investors nowadays. It is traded globally in an over-the-counter (OTC) market. The spot gold market is available 24 hours a day from Sunday at 6:00 p.m. (Eastern Time) to Friday at 5:00 p.m. (Eastern Time).

Why trade spot gold?

Reason No. 1 for trading spot gold: haven against unstable circumstances

Spot gold is a safe-haven for it is not that easily influenced by economic, political, social or currency-based crisis, such as investment market declines, inflation, war and social unrest and gold has been gradually gaining in value for around several decades.

Reason No. 2 for trading spot gold: spot gold market is accessible for 24 hours

As I have mentioned before, Spot gold market is available 24 hours from Sunday at 6:00 p.m. (Eastern Time) until Friday at 5:00 p.m. (Eastern Time), which provide traders convenience in choosing spot gold trading time.

Reason No. 3 for trading spot gold: wider choices of spot gold platforms

Nowadays, there are a great number of platforms that enable traders to trade spot gold, which provide convenience and wider choices for traders to trade spot gold. Traders are able to choose such reliable platforms as IKON prodigy, IKON MultiBank etc. to trade spot gold.




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How to Face the Loss in Forex Trading?

You must be pretty much clear that on one step into forex business with a guarantee of a successful trade. Imagine that being able to enter the market and have a 100% assurance that you will come out a winner. The concept is called arbitrage trading. An arbitrage opportunity exists when there are discrepancies in the market between brokers. So this is pretty much sure to say that you need to learn how to take a loss in forex trading.


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What Forex Beginners Should Know about Forex and Forex Market

What is forex and the Forex Market?

The basics of Forex is exchanging one currency for another one. There is no central marketplace for forex exchange and forex is traded worldwide among the major financial centers such as London, New York, Tokyo, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, Singapore and Sydney etc. Forex market is open for 24 hours a day, five days a week except weekends and holidays. Forex market is the largest financial market all over the world in terms of trading volume, which is billions of dollars on a daily basis.

What are the advantages of trading forex in forex market?

Forex market attracts more and more forex traders to try trading Forex; what is the reason? There are several distinguished advantages of forex market:

1. As I said above, the trading volume in forex market is huge; it definitely indicates that it is more possible for Forex traders to get profits because of the high liquidity; however, it also means that it is rather easy for them to lose due to the liquidity.

2. Traders have flexibility in choosing trading time because forex market is open for 24 hours a day except weekends. Thus, some traders choose to trade forex full-time and some others trade forex as part-time traders.

3. The low commission fee provided by forex market compared with other financial markets enables traders to save a lot of money.

4. Using leverage attracts a large number of forex traders because it provides potential of making more profits with a small amount of investment.



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Steps in Forex

Sept5: Your next Step is to decide which Forex Trading platform to use. For beginners, let me say that by Forex Trading, means foreign currency exchange trading. When I say a platform I mean how your computer screen looks when you will be trading – the current buy and sell prices of the various currency pairs, how the currency pair which you bought or sold is doing (is it gaining or losing), how to keep track of your funds, etc.


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Top Forex Tips in Forex Trading for Novice Traders

If you have tried forex trading, you may understand that forex trade is not easy. Forex traders should know some forex tips in order to succeed in forex trading.

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Steps in forex

Sept2: Consult a trusted broker. You need to trade through a broker who will not deal against your trades with human dealers or electronically. Most retail Forex brokers take the other side of your trade because they are the market makers. The forex market has gotten big enough and regulations have gotten tight enough that most brokers are playing by the rules. You can search the US Government’s website to determine if your potential broker is playing by the rules. Visit http://www.nfa.futures.org/basicnet/ and enter the name of your broker, you can find out all types of details on their business practices.

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Best Forex Tips to Learn Forex for Forex Beginners

Forex trading is becoming more and more popular among forex traders; but it is not easy to make money in forex market. Chances of making money are equal to every trader but only traders who know the importance of learning forex have a better chance of making money from forex market. It is always necessary to learn forex no matter you are a novice trader or an experienced trader; the reason why some forex traders are able to succeed in forex trading is that they keep on learning forex. As an old saying goes: it is never too old to learn. Then the question comes: how to learn forex? There are many ways that people are able to learn forex, I will list them below.

1. Learn forex by reading

It is quite easy for forex traders to buy books on forex nowadays because forex trading is becoming popular among common people a Forex traders are able to buy forex books wrote with various languages. By reading forex books, traders are able to have a better understanding of forex market, forex trading platforms, tools, signals, strategies etc.

2. Learn forex from experienced traders

Experienced traders can be good guide to novice forex traders because they have accumulated forex trading knowledge through real trading. They always can tell novice traders when to buy and sell, what the present market state is and how to avoid losses and so on. Forex beginners– are able to learn forex and get experience from them easily.

3. Learn forex by attending training classes

Forex traders nowadays have a wider choice of ways to learn forex. Forex trading classes are one of them. Traders are able to learn forex by taking online forex training classes or attending classes in real classrooms. By attending training classes, traders are able to get a rough idea of what forex trading is and thus, they can get prepared for forex trading.



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Forex trading


Forex information are listed as bellow. Currency brokers make their profit through these differences of ‘bid & ask’ price and this is how they manage to provide their services to individual investors without charging them commission fees. If you are new to trading it makes sense to deal in the more popular currencies. There are two main reasons for this. Firstly you do not want to be left with a currency where there is little interest and you may have difficulty selling. Secondly the spread between the bid/ask prices is likely to be narrower, making it easier to make a profit.

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